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Shortage of Direct Shipping Vessels for Marine Containers

Orient Honest www.china-disposable.com 2016-12-06 15:51:40
The latest "average export price of container exports in China" shows that starting from Asia, the east direction of the direction of tariffs dropping trend, the direction of tariff heading west turn up, and the direct shipping shortage!

The average price of North American routes fell for four consecutive weeks, the US West Coast route to 1248 US dollars, the East Coast routes fell to 2,000 US dollars. At present, as the United States to adjust the industrial layout, import and export trade will be affected, the shipping industry will also be implicated, freight or difficult to uplink.

South American routes have fallen to around $ 1,200. Recently, the South American regional cargo industry is facing a major reshuffle of the situation, the market share will be re-divided, competition intensified. South American leader in operating routes - Hamburg, South America shipping will be Maersk shipping acquisition. The approval process will take place until the end of 2017, before the Hamburg South American Shipping Group and Maersk Line will maintain their status and continue their respective business operations.

European routes traded at an average price per 20-foot box up to 850 US dollars, the Mediterranean route rose to 900 US dollars, up last week, respectively, 4.93% and 22%. But the freight demand reflects the European region is still weakening, shipments declined. In order to reduce losses, there are low-cost Lanhuo shipping companies; and refuses to accept the heavy cargo container in the Mediterranean region, significantly less confidence in prices.

In addition, the continuation of Southeast Asian routes last week, competitive, highly competitive, frequent tariff changes, accommodation tension. Australia and Singapore route is also the case, direct shipping tight, freight rates.

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