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Industry News

Influenza is coming, take good care of yourselfRelease on 2019-01-24
           Read More
Quality ControlRelease on 2018-11-30
To ensure thequality of our goods, we have a system of quality control for the whole processincluding the raw materials, the production process and fi ...Read More
From September 24th 200 billion imported US products will be subject to additional tariffs!Release on 2018-09-21
On the evening of September 17, U.S. President trump issued a statement saying that after seven weeks of announcements, hearings and extensive feedbac...Read More
Other country's currencies have collapsed! 40 percent devaluation this year! Country export, beRelease on 2018-08-31
Argentine pesos fell more than 7 percent yesterday, the biggest decline since 2015. The peso has fallen more than 40% so far this year. In the past we...Read More
China imposed a 25% tariff on US $16 billion worth of goods at 12:01 am TuesdayRelease on 2018-08-23
According to the notice of the tariff commission of the state council on the imposition of duties on some us $16 billion of imported goods from the Un...Read More
The trade war has just begun. For 25 years in a row, China's largest foreign trade city has seenRelease on 2018-08-10
Some people say that this trade war between China and the United States is a mirror image. Where the impact is most obvious, it will show the fastest....Read More
China will accelerate efforts to foster new advantages in foreign trade competition in response to tRelease on 2018-08-02
The trade war between China and the United States continues, and judging by U.S. President Donald trump's comments, the dispute is likely to widen fur...Read More
Affected by the sino-us trade war, these products are exported to the United States with a 25 percenRelease on 2018-07-20
On June 15, U.S. President Donald trump issued a White House statement announcing a 25 percent tariff on China's $50 billion worth of imports from the...Read More
The first battle of the China-US trade war began: the first round of US tax increases on ChinaRelease on 2018-07-06
On July 6, Beijing time, the United States imposed a 25 percent tariff on $34 billion worth of Chinese imports. The first battle of the sino-us trade ...Read More
Iran begins strict regulation! Import of 10 categories of goods is prohibitedRelease on 2018-06-29
Recently, the Iranian government officially announced the "national goods movement", in order to support domestic products and manage the outflow of m...Read More
Environmental monitoring storm! The shortage and price increase will hit again!Release on 2018-05-29
A new round of storms is coming from the central environmental watchdog. Unlike the previous two years, the inspectors were looking back. To supervise...Read More
Requirements for exporting Jordanian goodsRelease on 2018-03-19
According to Jordanian customs requirements, all goods to Jordan must be provided with 4 HS code and displayed in the description. This regulation wil...Read More
New rules for Thai customs! A slight imprudence will result in high fines!Release on 2018-03-06
Recently, Thailand customs to release the latest regulation, all import and export goods of Thailand, involving all of the mode of transportation, inc...Read More
Please be sure to pay attention to this new rule when exporting to Iran!Release on 2018-03-01
Foreign trade friends pay attention! The recent export of Iran has a new requirement that all goods exported to Iran must comply with the requirements...Read More
The exchange rate of USD to RMB is officially broken 6.3!Release on 2018-02-01
Since January, the RMB exchange rate has been soaring. Straight up, the RMB officially entered the 6.2 era as of press release. In the beginning of th...Read More
The exchange rate of usd to RMB fell below 6.38!Release on 2018-01-25
The RMB rose 95 basis points against the dollar to 6.3715, the highest level since December 7, 2015, the highest since December 4, 2015. The previous ...Read More
Pakistan gives up dollar to settle in RMB only!Release on 2018-01-19
On the first day of 2018, U.S. President Donald trump pointed the finger at Pakistan, accusing Pakistan of not cooperating with the United States in c...Read More
The shipping company has issued an urgent notice! At the end of the year, the peak travel peak!Release on 2018-01-18
Recently, informed by Hapag-Lloyd, Shanghai port 40 feet trunk of tension, as in the yard to provide 40 feet high box instead of a big box, VGM send c...Read More
The yuan's exchange rate against the dollar has risen by 5.4% in 2017, and may between 6.40~Release on 2018-01-11
On December 22, the renminbi was trading at 6.5821 against the dollar, down 26 basis points from the previous session, ending the previous three conse...Read More
There have been many demonstrations in Iran! Please pay attention when exporting to this country!Release on 2018-01-05
The widespread protests have spread to several Iranian cities, including mashhad, lasht, qom, and Tehran, the capital of the moderate capital. Widespr...Read More