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Quality Control

Annie Ran www.china-disposable.com 2018-11-30 15:42:53

To ensure thequality of our goods, we have a system of quality control for the whole processincluding the raw materials, the production process and finished products.

Now, I take ourface mask as an example.

Firstly, After weget one order, we usually purchase the raw materials according to the detailsof face mask. We usually exam the color, size and weight, etc. For example, the color, it is light color or dark color. If thecustomer have strict request for it, we should pay more attention to it. If allthe details are right, we can start to produce the face mask.

Secondly, in theprocess of production, we often see if the details of face mask conform to therequirements of the customer. We would examine the details of face mask onceagain and the package. For example, the size of inner box and outer carton, theear loop, nose bar, etc. If the customer has confirmed the samples before theorder, we should see if the large cargo is the same to the face mask sample.

Finally, When wefinish the face mask, we usually check the printing on the inner box and the resh mark on the outer carton. If there is one container of face mask, weneed check the total quantity. More importantly, when we load the goods, weshould check if the container number is the same to that you received from the forwarder.

In a word, wewould confirm every step and ensure the quality of our goods before delivery.