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new products water and absorb proof disposable stretcher cover

  • Author:ShirlyZhou
  • Release on :2018-11-30
      A Good News From California, USA and Wuhan Orient Honest

The California fire department said it has been 100% in control of the Century Fir on this Monday since the coming of a heavy rain.

All over the world know that a big fire has hit northern California on November 8th. And the fire has continued to more than one month. The fire has developed into the most serious and deadly "century fire" in the history of the United States, killing 85 people, burning tens of thousands of homes, forcing hundreds of thousands of residents to evacuate and completely destroying some towns.

It is really a good news that the “century fire” could stop here, and the number of victims will also be greatly reduced.

Also another goods from Wuhan Orient Honest, we have developed a new products, and the inspiration is from this “incident”. It is the “stretcher cover” “bed cots”, it is double layered structure with absorb & water proof function. And also the Bursting Strength is Over 125kPa, Tensile strength: (MD 170N), (CD 110N). The materials is PP+Microporous. And we think it will be a new market in the future. Below is the picture: