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The application of industrial textiles is China's largest short-board textile

Orient Honest www.china-disposable.com 2016-12-07 15:51:04
At present, China's total fiber processing 53 million tons, accounting for 54.8% of the world, accounting for more than half of the world. "Recently, in the China Association for Science and Technology Communication Center and the Beijing Municipal Science and Technology Association co-sponsored the" frontier technology Lecture Hall ", the China Textile Industry Association, said Li Ling Shen.

China is the world's textile power, we did not become a textile power, the biggest gap lies in the gap between production and textile applications.

The biggest feature of industrial textiles, is specially designed, with engineering structure, for special applications. Textiles for medical and health use, textile for filtration, textile for transportation, textile for geotechnical use and textiles for structural reinforcement are all industrial textiles.

With the domestic infrastructure construction, environmental management, health and other aspects of investment in steady growth, industrial consumption of textile fiber will continue to grow rapidly.

"For example, my country is now a one-time surgical clothing market penetration rate of only 5% to 7%," said Lingshen Shen, the largest category of production and use of textiles is health and health, including medical textiles and health textiles, and now the market demand is huge, , While the United States more than ninety percent, Japan, Europe and other countries in 70%, 80%.

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