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Informatization Promotes Small and Medium - sized Foreign Trade Enterprises to Change

Orient Honest www.china-disposable.com 2016-12-09 17:49:23
Foreign trade capacity is one of the capital and guarantee for our country to survive in the globalization competition. In 2015, China's total import and export volume accounted for 36.3% of GDP, international trade on China's economic development influence is still pivotal.

However, the current global manufacturing industry and China's industrial transformation and upgrading, is a strong impact on the traditional foreign trade industry. The traditional foreign trade enterprise management mode malpractice has become increasingly prominent, survival is facing severe challenges.

It is expected that as a representative of information technology tools, SaaS (SoftwareasaService, software as a service) is to help small and medium-sized foreign trade sales team from their respective "barbaric growth era" into efficient coordination of modern "team collaboration era.

As the largest exporter in the world, China has a huge foreign trade volume and a large number of enterprises engaged in foreign trade. However, these enterprises are mainly based on experience in decision-making process of foreign marketing, and their decision-making capacity is relatively low.

Data-based decisions are more reliable than decisions based on instincts and assumptions. With a data-driven approach, organizations can identify trends that can lead to effective action to drive innovation or solutions.