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New trends of Economic and Trade Cooperation between Indonesia and China

Orient Honest www.china-disposable.com 2016-12-09 18:03:54
Chinese Ambassador to Indonesia Wang Liping December 6 at the "China - Indonesia Entrepreneurs Summit and China (Zhejiang) - Indonesian Industry Matchmaking Symposium," said in recent years, the comprehensive development of Sino-Indonesian relations, ushered in The best period of history, economic and trade cooperation to a new level.

On the trade front, bilateral trade between China and Indonesia reached 38.1 billion US dollars in the first nine months of this year. China is Indonesia's second largest exporter and largest importer, and continues to maintain Indonesia's position as the largest trading partner. Investment, according to the Indonesian Investment Commission statistics, from January to September this year, mainland China's enterprises of direct investment in Indonesia reached 1.59 billion US dollars, second only to Singapore and Japan, from the tenth largest foreign source country jumped to the third largest source of foreign capital. If you count the Chinese enterprises in Hong Kong or Singapore to set up the company's investment, the Chinese mainland is likely to be Indonesia's largest source of foreign capital. Project contracting, Indonesia has been the top ten overseas Chinese enterprises contracted engineering market is one of the largest contracting projects in Southeast Asia market. From January to September this year, Chinese enterprises in Indonesia, the amount of construction contract and the completion of the turnover reached 52.4 billion US dollars and 2.55 billion US dollars.

Wang Liping said that in recent years, the Indonesian government is committed to economic development, and continuously improve the investment environment, Indonesia's attractiveness to foreign investment continued to strengthen. Indonesia recently ranked third in the world's list of countries to attract foreign direct investment (FDI), behind India and China, the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD). More and more Chinese enterprises to Indonesia to find development opportunities. According to statistics, more than 1,000 Chinese enterprises have come to Indonesia to invest in energy, minerals, transportation, telecommunications, electric power, finance, agriculture and other fields.

Wang Liping pointed out that despite the overall development of Chinese enterprises in Indonesia, but many Chinese enterprises to reflect the investment in Indonesia is also facing some common difficulties and challenges, leading to loss of business. The problems reflected by the enterprises mainly include frequent changes in some policies, lack of continuity, difficulties in land acquisition for large-scale contracted projects, impact on the progress of the project, long working hours for Chinese staff to apply for work visas and more expenses. To solve these problems, it is necessary for the enterprises themselves to make corresponding preparations and plans, also need to continue to pay attention to the Indonesian Government to continue to improve the investment environment.

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