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Ships Tailgate the Arctic Region

Dreamy F www.china-disposable.com 2016-06-05 23:12:14

As the latest report from WAIMAOLIAN, our country takes action actively in the Arctic Region recently. China has not only become one of the biggest minerals investors in Greenland, but also become the Permanent observer of the Arctic Council at the same year when we signed the Free Trade Agreement in 2013. Recently, the Chinese edition of Arctic Navigation Guide (Northwest Passage) 2015 has been issued to encourage ships to tailgate the Northwest Passage in the Arctic Region.

Northwest Passage is the route which starts from the Pacific (Ocean), crossing Bering Strait to the Arctic Ocean, and then the north shore of Alaska in America, Arctic island In Canada, Greenland and North Atlantic. The route which crosses through the Arctic Ocean is formed by the greenhouse effect to Glaciers Melting. It reduces lots of charge and time for Chinese companies. For example, the line from Shanghai to Hamburg is 2800 sea miles less than the original one which crosses the Suez Canal.

As for the problem that business ships cross the line is risky, the speaker of Department of transportation news, Liu Pengfei, claimed that nowadays it’s still risky and challenging to complete the business operation of the line with the restriction of unpredicted ice condition, high-demanded environmental navigation, poor infrastructure and low-efficient transportation. What’s more, Canada has claimed their sovereign rights of the most of the water area around Northwest Passage, and taken control measures to require foreign ships to report and get permit from them when entering or passing the exclusive economic zone and territorial waters.

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