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Shipping market is about to usher in a rebound?

Dreamy F www.china-disposable.com 2016-09-14 15:49:51
With various shipping companies have released financial report, the shipping market downturn is presented vividly. China COSCO huge loss of 7.2 billion six months, a loss of Maersk $ 150 million in the second quarter to become the focus of attention of the market and investors, but this is only a microcosm of the depth of the relevant market downturn.

Due to weak economic recovery, trade growth is slow, demand for bulk and container transport sluggish first half of bulk cargo shipping companies and container ship transportation business widespread losses. Tanker transport remained profitable at low prices. So, what are the main loss of bulk carriers and container ships ship transport is? Oil transport market is still in earnings continued? Whether shipping market will usher in a turning point?

Bulk carriers and container ships each ship located rentals are guaranteed under this line, in addition to oil tankers Handysize little income over expenditure, but has a certain profit, which is the first half of the shipping industry generally profitable oil transportation business, bulk transport and freight business the case across the board losses coincide. On the loss of the ship, bulk transport market is "the more the greater the loss of the ship," the characteristics and Cargo business in the medium-sized container ship huge losses.

Shipping is one of the main factors for the international trading business. Hope there's no more Hanjin issue happen in the rest of the year. Our company is China surgical mask manufacturers,China disposable clothing manufacturers and hospital bed sheets suppliers in China.