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TPP have expectations on China

Orient Honest www.china-disposable.com 2017-02-15 15:19:13
January 23, 2017, the new US President Trump signed an administrative order, officially announced the United States out of the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPP), which will undoubtedly participate in the TPP of the other 11 countries, as well as the Asia-Pacific regional economic and political The next step in the development of a huge impact. US White House spokesman Spitzer said at a regular press conference that day that the administrative order marks a new era in US trade policy.

"It's too early to end TPP," said New Zealand's Minister of Trade, Todd Macleley, on Feb. 8. "He said that the TPP approval process for New Zealand is nearing completion The In addition to the 11 countries that have declared their exit from TPP outside the United States, the ministers are expected to meet Chile in mid-March to formally start consultations.

Recently, China and the Globalization Think Tank (CCG) released "China's foreign affairs into a new direction, may consider joining the TPP" report that the United States to withdraw from the TPP to some extent can become China's Asia-Pacific regional cooperation dialogue to improve the Asia-Pacific relations between countries An opportunity. China can join TPP as an important starting point for current economic diplomacy, seize the opportunity to join TPP as soon as possible.