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Industrial textiles become the economic growth pole of the textile industry

Orient Honest www.china-disposable.com 2017-02-10 18:49:42
Disposable face mask contains the filter, design and other innovations; medical gauze bearing anti-bacterial anti-fouling and many other technologies. Widely used in medical and health, environmental protection and other areas of industrial textiles developed rapidly, China's textile industry to become a new economic growth pole.

From the recently held "industrial textiles industry," 13th Five-Year "development guidance," Publicizing the meeting was informed that in 2016 in the textile enterprises above designated size industrial added value growth rate of 4.9% of the situation, the industrial textiles is still achieved 9.1 % Growth rate. By 2020, industrial textile fiber processing industry will account for the proportion of 33%, 100 key enterprises R & D investment in the proportion of total sales revenue increased by 0.6 percentage points over 2015.

Industrial textiles with high technological content, wide application range, is the textile industry to enhance the important direction of innovation. Currently used in medical health, environmental protection, construction, transportation, aerospace and other fields. According to the United Nations forecasts, by 2050 the global textile fiber processing capacity will reach 250 million tons, of which 68% for industrial textiles.

January to November 2016, China's industrial textiles industry above-scale enterprises of the main business income and total profit increased by 6.92% and 10.02% respectively. China's industrial textile industry association, said Li Ling Shen, accelerate the development and upgrading of industrial textiles development and application of the level, for driving or even supporting the growth of the textile industry is of great significance.