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Cooperation between China and ASEAN should be done in detail

Orieng Honest www.china-disposable.com 2017-02-09 18:09:32
On January 17, Xu Ningning, executive chairman of the China-ASEAN Business Council, said that 2016 was a milestone between China and ASEAN in the 2017 China-ASEAN New Spring Festival Cooperation Series, co-sponsored by the China-ASEAN Business Council and the ASEAN Beijing Committee. The 25th anniversary of the establishment of ASEAN partnership, bilateral trade volume in 2016 compared with 1991 increased by nearly 60 times into the ASEAN Chinese enterprises are also showing a rapid growth trend.

However, by the world economic growth slowdown and other factors, China and ASEAN trade volume in 2016 declined. China and ASEAN to determine the trade development goal is to scale up to $ 1 trillion in 2020, that is, the next 4 years than the 2016 trade volume of 451.8 billion US dollars more than doubled, the average annual growth of more than 20%. "However, the international trade situation in 2017 is still not optimistic.How to do? We can not wait for the rapid growth of the world economy, but need to enhance cooperation with the ASEAN countries." Xu Ningning said.

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