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Protect the exchange rate or protect the foreign reserves

Orient Honest www.china-disposable.com 2017-02-16 23:58:08
February 7, the central bank announced that in January China's foreign exchange reserves of 29982.04 billion US dollars, compared with 2016 December 3010.517 billion US dollars to reduce the $ 12.313 billion. This is since July last year, foreign storage for the seventh consecutive month shrinking, and hit a new low since February 2011. The reality of "breaking the 3" has aroused the concern of the media. The controversy over "the exchange rate or the foreign exchange" has become increasingly intense in the academic circles. The "capital outflow" worries are transmitted and spread in the market. Foreign exchange reserves fell below three trillion US national defense line, is it really not optimistic? Does the RMB exchange rate change?

For the factors that affect the RMB exchange rate in 2017, in the RMB reference to a basket of currencies, based on market supply and demand, under the managed floating exchange rate system, it is necessary to determine the internal and external factors of the RMB exchange rate. The underlying factor is China's economic slowdown, excessive money, depreciation is expected to rise; external factors is the dollar's interest rate increase, appreciation and other currencies depreciation. In particular, the United States President Trump took office, deepened policy uncertainty, the European multi-national elections, retreated Europe forces rise, which will lead to fluctuations in the dollar and other currencies, and ultimately affect the RMB exchange rate shocks.

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