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China became Japan 's biggest creditor

Orient Honest www.china-disposable.com 2017-02-17 23:53:24
US debt as one of the world's recognized security assets, many countries preferred to hold assets, such as China, Japan and other large economies has been a strong holder of US debt for many years. This situation is now changing - countries are constantly holding the US debt at a record speed to sell.

Which also includes China. Data show that since May 2016, China has continued for several months holdings of US debt, has now lost the United States the largest creditor position.

The Chinese consumer bonds, after a large number of Chinese debt reduction, is bound to find other assets to replace, the Japanese government bonds became China's first choice. Japan's Ministry of Finance latest data show that in 2016, Chinese investors net purchase of 11.2 trillion yen (about 99.8 billion US dollars) of Japanese bonds, is the highest level since 2005. China has become the world's largest Japanese bond holder.

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