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Select face masks for fog and haze weather

Dreamy F www.china-disposable.com 2016-05-15 00:03:46
In recent days, many parts of the country PM2.5 pollution index seriously overweight. For a time, dust masks became many people travel essential goods. Experts said that the mask for blocking pollutants have a positive effect, but to avoid "blindly seek expensive" misunderstanding.Professor of Peking University School of Public Health Guoxin Biao said in an interview with reporters, said air pollution control is a long process, not overnight pollution. In this process, the public understanding of science should haze on health hazards initiative to take protective measures.Now when air pollution is serious, there are a lot of people do not pay attention to go out wearing masks. In fact, outdoor activities, wear a mask, it is to reduce air pollution damage to human body's most convenient and most effective way.

When choosing a mask, experts say, is not necessarily take the expensive price of your choice.Now, some kinds of masks sales for thirty or forty yuans, the price is not very 'People First'. Experiments proved that even an ordinary gauze handkerchief can stop pollutants 30%, non-woven medical disposable surgical masks to block rate can reach about 80%.Fine particles PM2.5 is not the only factor affecting the health of coarse particles also produce irritation in the nasal mucous membrane attachment of health implications. Normal wear masks of the day will be black, indicating that blocking a lot of pollutants, we should not blindly superstitious expensive masks.

Disposable nonwoven face mask is the first choice for people when they need protection from the bad weather.Our company is more than ten years old disposable face mask suppliers in China, and the China surgical mask manufacturers,China medical mask suppliers.