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Hubei Nonwovens industrial restructuring

Dreamy F www.china-disposable.com 2016-05-14 23:43:12
In recent years, the textile industry in Hubei accurately grasp the opportunity to further strengthen the non-woven fabric industry adjustment and transformation of faith, everywhere flowering industrial base showing a competitive advantage.To continue to strengthen the industry, Hubei Province, will highlight the "four adjustment" intensify support to accelerate the build Hubei Nonwovens Industry Upgraded.

It is said that Hubei nonwovens industry has a competitive advantage. Currently, Xiantao nonwovens and products processing enterprises 268, including 107 above-scale enterprises, the annual production of various kinds of non-woven fabric 193,000 tons, accounting for 8.2% of national output; processing all types of non-woven products 30 million tons, accounting for nearly one-third of total exports, becoming the country's largest non-woven products production, processing and export base, Bristol nonwovens industry cluster twice named "Chinese county hundred competitiveness of industrial clusters."

According to reports, Hubei Province will grasp the "four adjustment": the adjustment of product structure, forming a complete industrial chain, focusing on extending medical textile materials, non-woven technology and other fields; adjust the investment structure, improve the technological level of industries; adjust the layout structure, improving industrial concentration degree, the development of different types of non-woven fabric products, to avoid the homogenization of competition; restructuring the enterprises, strengthen the development of qualified personnel, the establishment of modern enterprise system, to achieve intensive, large-scale operation.

Meanwhile, Hubei Province will intensify support: First, to increase policy support. Study the introduction of tax relief policies to support major technical innovation and new product development, the establishment of non-woven fabric industry development fund, reduce financing costs, priority supply of land. Second, increased marketing efforts. Collection and dissemination of market information, into the government procurement catalog, support the export market. Third, increase platform construction. Relying backbone enterprises to establish engineering technology centers, research centers and inspection and testing center, to shorten the time and reduce costs. Development of e-commerce, the establishment of training practice base, to create the optimal environment nonwovens industry.

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