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Explore the balance between medical textile's performance and cost

Dreamy F www.china-disposable.com 2016-05-15 23:51:25
In recent years, Asian demand for nonwovens rate is growing rapidly, especially in China, China has become the world's major exporter of non-woven fabric web, the United States has 51% of the non-woven fabric imported from the European Community or China.Now non-woven fabric production situation in most countries is uncertain, strengthen regulation and management in emerging markets is particularly important to make full use of existing Asian nonwovens resources abandon tortuous chain, direct sales abroad. Of course, the precondition of a new pattern of supply chain is infinitely close to the end in the technology sector demand.

Medical textiles need to meet two conditions: First, low-cost, one-time support consumption; the second is to be 100 percent to play a role in the use of performance but also to meet the needs of end customers, such as barrier properties, strength and absorbency, etc.Nonwovens full conceivable innovation in the production, the new technology will promote and improve the processing of the entire nonwoven fabric, including the resin sections kind, mixing ratio, fiber fineness, shape, morphology, density and thickness, packing types, additive and a variety of finishing methods.

Now medical supplies market is the fastest growing part of the incontinence product, which is currently the hot spot for investment. High quality incontinence products need to meet three criteria: simple, comfortable, safe and reliable. They must have good absorbency, and sucked smell.Non-woven fabric has been used for a variety of medical products, and market opportunities are emerging, such as protective clothing, surgical curtain, surgical gowns and gowns to prevent infections, have become an important part of a person's appearance protection. Nonwovens can be completely future for a wider range of medical fields. Rather than the woven fabric used on the medical protective clothing biggest limitation is the docile nature, with two-way stretch and a more personal nonwovens will undoubtedly become the future direction of development.

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