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Russia and China Customs Cooperation in the field of cross-border corridors and ports

Dreamy F www.china-disposable.com 2016-04-30 23:17:26
Port cooperation between China and Russia began in the 1990s.Chinese-Russian Premiers Regular Meeting Committee on Transport Cooperation Sub-Committee Working Group is the main port of the existing mechanism of bilateral cooperation of ports.Port Working Group led by China's General Administration of Customs unit of People's Republic of China, the Russian Federation led by units of the Russian border department building, the first meeting was held in October 1997, held every year since then, as of 2015 held a total of 18 work regular meeting.February 2nd, Russia's withdrawal of the Russian border department building, the transfer of functions to the Department of the Russian Ministry of Transport.

For a long time, the Working Group both ports principle equality and mutual benefit, friendship and cooperation, establish a good relationship of mutual trust.Within the framework of the working group to solve a lot involving border crossings open, construction, traffic and work systems and other issues.Strengthening border infrastructure construction, optimize the port working system, improve port traffic environment, close the border crossings between the competent authorities and inspection department cooperation and achieved good results.To enhance the level of opening two ports, improving port efficiency, promote trade facilitation and promote bilateral economic development has played a positive role.

December 17, 2015 and February 2, 2016, China, Mongolia, and Russia Customs and port leaders first meeting were held.The three parties will further strengthen cooperation, earnestly implement the three heads Ufa outcome of the meeting, the establishment of a tripartite cooperation mechanism, a clear focus and direction of cooperation, support the "Silk Road Economic Belt", "Trans-Eurasian Corridor" and "Prairie Road" Three development strategy docking, the three countries to strengthen customs, port interconnection, promote "in Mongolia and Russia economic Zones".

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