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What measures should be taken to promote trade growth between China and Russia ?

Dreamy F www.china-disposable.com 2016-04-30 01:22:12
In order to promote the healthy development of bilateral trade, the two sides should expand trade channels, to achieve trade pluralism.Strengthen "along the way" Construction and Eurasian Economic Union strategy docking, the two sides deepen cooperation in energy, infrastructure, finance and other fields.Speed up the process of trade facilitation and improve trade environment, expand new business format, to develop cross-border e-commerce.Efforts to increase bilateral financial cooperation between the bank and vigorously promote the yuan-denominated settlement, import and export enterprises to effectively prevent the receipt and payment risk.In recent years, China-Russia customs clearance and vigorously promote the reform and regulatory work, innovative modes of cooperation in enhancing the level of trade facilitation and promotion of trade growth and other positive aspects to try and achieve positive results.Customs should continue to strengthen cooperation between the two countries in the following areas:
1. Deepen the mutual recognition of the results of the pilot regulatory cooperation.After exporting countries included in the mutual recognition of the scope of the customs specific export commodities inspection, importing countries no longer implement the inspection of goods shall be quickly released.
2.Effective implementation of "green channel" project under the framework of the exchange of information.The project is respecting the wishes of the enterprise on the basis of mutual twinning, advance exchange of information and data, the two companies will give preferential customs clearance facilitation measures.
3.Customs continue to strengthen cooperation in various fields.Statistical techniques to further improve the level of product data exchange expansion project; strengthen contacts and communication, to effectively combat the smuggling of illegal activities; monitoring of key commodity prices, strengthen border customs cooperation and promote trade and economic development in the border areas.

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