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Rail transport cooperation between China and Russia

Dreamy F www.china-disposable.com 2016-05-01 00:21:25
In order to implement the national "along the way" development strategy, China Customs and China Railway signed a memorandum of cooperation, the organic link in the international rail transport customs, dress, and other aspects of multimodal transport, transport organization and supervision model innovation, and gradually form compatible with standard rail transport rules and common services to improve the regulatory and Central Europe, Central Asia container trains to promote international rail transport facilitation.

By Central European fast train transport goods to Europe, the transport time will save at least 1/2 than the shipping way,about 1/5 of the cost of air freight costs.It can be said to be an efficient and safe logistics channel.China Customs give full support to the Asia-Europe International Freight Corridor construction, and actively promote the smooth operation of the Central European fast train:On the one hand, the country tailored approach to regulatory clearance for the Central European fast train, cross-customs signed a memorandum of cooperation, the implementation of the declaration in advance, joint inspection, train supervision, through quick release and other regulatory clearance mode, ensuring the "keep things under control," the premise achieve "pass quickly."On the other hand, China General Administration of Customs and Central European countries, fast-speed railway line in particular customs Russian customs cooperation, actively coordinated regulatory cooperation and mutual assistance to promote the mutual recognition of declaration documents and data exchange, reducing inspection, simplified customs procedures, promote reduced trains customs clearance costs, timely coordinate and solve problems quickly iron out CEIBS clearance encountered, greatly enhance the Central European fast train customs clearance facilitation.

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