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New rules on export of dangerous goods issued by seven foreign ports

Orient Honest www.china-disposable.com 2017-10-23 17:48:22
The export of dangerous goods has been tightly controlled, not only in China but also in foreign ports. Recently, it is reported that seven major ports of foreign countries have issued the latest regulations on the export of dangerous goods, the export of dangerous goods and international freight forwarders need to pay more attention. China medical mask suppliers, China disposable coverall manufacturers,China disposable suit manufacturers.

Hamburg, Germany, the Netherlands, Rotterdam, the two ports, all in and out of the second port of the dangerous goods packaging, logo, dangerous gauge number must comply with the regulations of the international maritime dangerous goods packaging surface must be latent rules prescribed by the packaging printing tags, such as: 1 a1 / Y.

Bangkok port regulation, all that enter the port of discharge of all the 270 species of inflammable, explosive hazardous must go in the boat cargo directly to carry, thousands of other half dangerous goods must be made within three days after discharge of the ship the goods from the port.

The port of Manila in the Philippines stipulates that the following dangerous goods must be delivered to the consignee at the side of the ship: glacial acetic acid, activated carbon, phosphoric acid, hydrogen peroxide, insurance powder, etc. Therefore, the name, address and telephone number of the consignee must be listed on the bill of lading of the goods mentioned above.

The authorities of the three ports of Mombasa, tangga and dar es salaam all stipulate that all the goods receiving the dangerous goods must be picked up by the side of the ship and the relevant clauses are added on the bill of lading.

In addition, some foreign trade partners mentioned that there is a similar situation for the export of dangerous goods to Qatar, regardless of the type of dangerous goods, the owner of the cargo needs to go to the port to pick up the goods immediately after arriving at the port.

‍So, remind related units, export of dangerous goods, pay attention to the port of destination customs, wharf, yard department such as the latest notice, otherwise, could face fines.