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Japan to China's trade deficit may last for five years

Dreamy F www.china-disposable.com 2016-05-31 15:28:22
Prospects for Sino-Japanese economic cooperation is facing multiple factors, if the political situation does not improve relations continued to deteriorate, the 2016 outlook in Japan bilateral economic cooperation is unlikely to expect. "One Belt One Road" initiative for the sustainable development of Sino-Japanese economic and trade cooperation has provided a new platform for the two countries can find common divisor of cooperation.

World economic downward pressure is not reduced, the adjustment of China's economic structure will continue, which is bound to give a negative impact on Sino-Japanese economic and trade cooperation.However, China and Japan are the most important trading partners and investment partners, interdependence is high, Japanese companies will not give up the huge Chinese market, and Chinese companies on Japan's high-end technology and high-end components will be in demand, and therefore both economic the basic directions of cooperation will not be reversed.

"One Belt One Road" initiative to bring new opportunities for economic development in Asia but also for deepening economic and trade cooperation between China and Japan to provide new opportunities and ways to help promote industrial restructuring and economic restructuring of both sides."One Belt One Road" is not only a trade route, or to create new opportunities for regional prosperity, stimulate new dynamic growth path.This channel not only for China's economic growth in services, but also to open Japan, whether in infrastructure, energy and environmental protection fields, or in the financial and monetary fields, the two countries can find common divisor of cooperation.

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