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Activated carbon masks do not prevent particulate matter

Dreamy F www.china-disposable.com 2016-05-30 12:20:59
In addition to buying expensive air purifier, research proper diet to enhance the resistance, there is a more simple method is to wear a mask. However, wearing a mask is learned, different materials to mask haze protective ability level, the higher the protection is not necessarily better masks, the key depends on the individual's heart and lung function and physical fitness.

According to experts reports, wearing masks of pollutants can play a filtering effect, but each mask material, different layers of filtering effect is different. A certain number of layers of cotton material can mask a considerable part of the filter dust particles; medical surgical masks as a non-woven material, mainly used for anti-splash and spray, antibacterial mainly; activated carbon masks carried only for carbon odor abatement without increasing particulate matter protection; anti-particulate filter respirator use of special materials, the main object is the protection of particulate matter, including dust, smoke and microorganisms.However, wearing masks also increased breathing resistance shortcomings, the elderly and children need to weigh the pros and cons should be selected according to the type of mask exposure in a polluted environment and their own time, if time is short to go out, you can choose good filtration masks; as in outdoor activities for a long time, should be chosen taking into account the permeability and filtration masks based on physical condition.

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