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Delivering Cargo Without OB/L in some south American countries

Dreamy F www.china-disposable.com 2016-05-30 12:07:38

Delivery of goods without original of lading means the carrier, forwarder, port authority or warehouse manager operates goods release by virtue of consignee noted on the bill without original bill of lading or another situation that the notify party performs release with duplicate bill of lading or copy. The majority of deliveries without bill of lading in Latin America are the result of customs don’t need original bill of lading so that the carrier can directly pass custom clearance with identification. Therefore, this kind of delivery skips over carrier and forwarder, hence, consignees may have picked up the goods while carrier knows nothing.

Export Corporation should try to sign contract under CIF or CFR. In February 2001, the Department of foreign trade cooperation released Notice of avoid risk of delivery without original bill of lading, which points out that there were 60% to 70% of freight forwarders and importers gang up to make delivery without bill of lading under FOB contract thus resulted for loss of goods and payment of export company. Therefore, we suggest that foreign trade companies sign an export contract under CIF or CFR but reject FOB. If is FOB, the appointed forwarder by consignee has the right of not giving consigner the original bill of lading. Show MASTER BILL as far as possible. That is, bill of lading of the shipping company. If export to the countries shown above, make sure that the scanning copy is given to consignee in the condition of all payment are in hand.

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