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International exhibition industry needs to embrace the capital market

Dreamy F www.china-disposable.com 2016-05-31 16:19:20
At present, China's exhibition industry held about 8,000 exhibitions every year , exhibition-related industrial chain of more than 100 000 suppliers, the market capacity of over one trillion yuan, is foreign investment, an important way to boost economic development.To actively promote the exchange and development of Beijing and the global trade in services, the approval of the State Council held in Beijing intersection.

Exhibition industry either as high-yield sunrise industry, or as a secondary industry has a good driving effect, and its access to capital markets will be extremely important. Enter the exhibition industry will play a role in constituting the balance and improve the structure of capital markets.As the Exhibition industry accelerate the pace of the market, companies need to change the operating mode of the previous planned economy, the modern enterprise system in accordance with market principles and the enterprise management.China's exhibition industry for many years the market process is slow, the capital market into the enterprise to establish a modern enterprise system, will undoubtedly promote the exhibition industry enterprises to accelerate the transformation of management mechanism.Integration of further development of the exhibition industry and the global economy, prompting the need to achieve the industrial growth of the capital market.

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