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China National Committee International Chamber of Commerce Competition Committee was established

Dreamy F www.china-disposable.com 2016-06-01 18:29:23
May 23, China National Committee International Chamber of Commerce (ICC China) Competition Committee was established in Beijing.China CCPIT, the China International Chamber of Commerce, Chairman of the Chinese National Committee of International Chamber of Commerce Jiang Zengwei attended the inaugural meeting and delivered a speech, China CCPIT Vice Chairman of China Chamber of International Commerce Yinzong Hua presided. Secretary-General of China Chamber of International Commerce Yu Jianlong report to the General Assembly made preparations for the Competition Commission.The meeting examined and adopted the report of the preparatory work of the Competition Commission and working procedures, election official China Construction Co., Ltd., Chairman of the Competition Commission to celebrate, and elected Executive Chairman, Vice-Chairman.Jiang Zengwei said that with China's market economy matures, the effect of competition policy in promoting economic development, gradually increasing in China's industrial upgrading, the competitiveness of enterprises, transformation and upgrading of the national innovation strategy and is playing an increasingly important role.The Competition Commission is the fifth Professional Committee of China National Committee for the establishment of the International Chamber of Commerce, the business community to participate in our platform by the ICC international rules and standards, put forward our ideas, fight for the right to speak in the rule-making, so that in me towards international rules favorable direction, has a key role; to safeguard national security and interests of enterprises of great significance.

Chairman of the Competition Committee, in addressing the General Assembly as expressed in the country to vigorously promote the "One Belt One Road" and the international cooperation capacity of the background, more and more enterprises to go abroad for international investment, trade or business cooperation projects, fair and open transparent competitive environment has a very urgent needs. International Chamber of Commerce as the most influential international organizations, representatives of civil society, in promoting fair competition in the market has played an important role in the development of its business rules has become an important institutional guarantee the smooth development of international trade.

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