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Hanjin Shipping took three months to complete all the ship unloading

Orient Honest www.china-disposable.com 2016-11-30 16:54:18
South Korea's Marine Fisheries Department announced on November 28, after applying for court to take over three months, Hanjin Shipping completed its 141 ship unloading operations.

After the final container ship "Hanjin Vienna" was unloaded in Vancouver, Canada, Hanjin Shipping has completed its 97 container ships and 44 bulk carriers unloading operations, but there are still 23,000 TEU of goods not yet delivered Owner. Up to now, Hanjin shipping all shelved ship unloading work has been completed.

However, Hanjin Shipping will also face remaining challenges, including sales of projects and corporate restructuring procedures. Seven of the eight vessels seized by the company were returned to the shipowners, while the remaining one, the Hanjin, is still in custody.

Affected by the Hanjin Shipping incident, Busan Port in September, October cargo turnover fell 4.7% year on year and 6.46%, Busan Newport Hanjin Terminal October throughput and the amount of change and less than half of the previous year.

The two shipping companies benefited from the fact that Hanjin Shipping was entrusted by the court and its partners took the business to Maersk and MSC, the world's largest shipping companies. The import and export volume of goods and the volume of cargo were up by 34.66% and 13.15% respectively. Month in Busan New Port container handling capacity of 42.02 million, an increase of 20.2%.

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