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US Dollar into a strong rise cycle

Orient Honest www.china-disposable.com 2016-12-01 17:48:44
Federal Reserve recently announced November monetary policy meeting minutes show that most Fed officials think the right interest rate hike time will soon come, suggesting that the Federal Reserve in December once again raising interest rates is a certainty, the US bond yields rose sharply, the dollar index hit for many years new highs. The market is expected to Trump New Deal may push up inflationary pressures and prompted the Fed to raise interest rates more quickly, the next two years the dollar is expected to extend a strong up cycle.

At the beginning of this month's monetary policy meeting, Fed officials generally believe that the reasons for further interest rate increases, but eventually decided to maintain the federal funds rate unchanged to wait for further evidence that US inflation and employment continue to move toward the Fed's goal near. Since then the economic data released by the US economy as a whole to continue to strengthen, basically to meet the Federal Reserve to further raise interest rates conditions.

Analysts pointed out that, according to the Fed's dollar-weighted index to determine the past, the dollar will usually be strong for about 7 years, and now this wave of US dollar rally began in mid-2011, an average annual increase of 4% is expected to continue until 2018. With the dollar strengthened this month, the euro, yen, won, Mexican pesos, South African rand, Brazilian real and other major global currencies against the dollar exchange rate fell almost across the board. The renminbi has also depreciated against the US dollar recently, but is smaller than most non-US currencies.

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