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Raw material prices do not stop rising, the status of carton factory is miserable

  • Author:Orient Honest
  • Source:www.china-disposable.com
  • Release on :2016-11-29
From September to the present, packaging and printing industry, raw material prices continue to rise, the momentum ferocious. Today, the base paper has risen more than 40%, approaching 50%, auxiliary materials also rose nearly 20%. Woxian packaging and printing industry more than 100 companies complain incessantly. Cardboard mills have money to buy the base paper, can only temporarily consume the remaining inventory. Carton factory not only can not buy raw materials, but also to strictly control the increase for customers.

Zhejiang Shengzhou Paper Packaging Co., Ltd. is the county's largest one of the cardboard factory, mainly to the downstream customers - carton factory to provide raw materials. "At the end of October to the present paper is the most ferocious rally time, a day a price in advance of the next single, the delivery of the day there must be news that price increases have been." Chairman of the company, said Lang Yuanfeng, but this is not the key , The key is "money can not buy the base paper." He told the author, the company's daily consumption of 150 tons to 200 tons, before the purchase is 100 tons per day, but now only one car to buy a car, a car is only 31 tons, at present, mainly by The existing inventory is maintained.

Paper price rise, the cardboard prices follow the "rising tide." Today, the cardboard mill has five consecutive rounds of price increases, or about to catch up with the base paper. Carton factory in addition to bear the rising prices, but also worried about can not buy raw materials. Today, buy materials have to be 15 days in advance to 20 days under the single, otherwise, even with cash can not buy.

Due to the innerbox and carton prices is now rising crazily, and the delivery date is unstable.We suggest the customers settle down the order as earlier as possible. The delivery date will be 10~15days longer than usual. If the customers want the goods to be finished before the Chinese New Year, then they need to confirm all the order details within the early december.Our company is professional China surgical gown supplier and China disposable protective clothing manufacturer.