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Current shipping troubles in Iran

  • Author:Dreamyfang
  • Source:www.china-disposable.com
  • Release on :2016-06-06

Reading from WAIMAOLIAN reports, we’ve known that recently Iran hope to compensate Europe for trade losses during the period of sanction since the EU has relieved the sanction of Iran. Europe takes up one third of the import market, which is lost because of sanction in Iran and Iran has to rely totally on Asian countries. But the biggest problem of enlarging the export of oil is that Iran has no ships, which means that Iran needs foreign oil ships to enlarge the export of oil to European market and other areas in order to refresh the original level of selling oil before the sanction.

Many oil ships used to store original oil are not suitable for sailing. In addition, as America has not yet totally relieved the sanction of Iranian economy and prohibited from using US dollars during the trade of oil, it has made some ship owners don’t want to trade with Iran. A senior government official said that Iran has about 55-60 ships now and about 20 of them need to be remodeled to cater for international sailing standards.

Insiders said that there are about 25-27 oil ships berthed ocean shipping channel to store original oil near ports of Assaluyeh and Khārg. Another insider tracing oil ships said that there would be 11 Iranian oil ships shipping oil to importing countries in Asia. It is accordance to the numbers of ships to Asia after the sanction in January, which makes the numbers of ships more deficient.

Last Friday, Valiollah Seif, Iranian central bank president, has showed the treasury secretary that Iran needs exchange money to pay for suppliers and hopes to enter American economic system, gain the help from treasury in America. Iran also hopes that European banks would like to offer economic services to Iran; India and other buyers would pay the past bill of original oil in Euro rather than US dollars. In order to reduce the dependence on US dollars, original oil trades in Iran in the future would pay in Euro.

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