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Anti-fog and haze masks' national standards will be implemented in November

Dreamy F www.china-disposable.com 2016-06-06 11:26:36
"Daily Protective masks technical specifications" national standard will be officially implemented on November 1 this year, it is learned that, this is China's first national standards for civil protection masks.In serious pollution haze days, when many people will wear anti-fog and haze masks PM2.5 protective masks currently on the market price not only quite different, from a few dollars supremacy of hundred dollars, a difference of many protection functions, many masks anti PM2.5 name of the name, the protective effect is not satisfactory. Jiangsu Province, quality supervision departments had on the market labeled as PM2.5 respirator products conducted, and the results showed that the filtration efficiency of more than 50% less than 90% of the total, more than half of the product does not have effective dust effect . Civil protection masks confusion in the market, from the non-standard products to follow.

Many businesses will be highlighting the masks "filtration efficiency", but quality control experts said that although the filtration efficiency is an important indicator of protective masks, but masks if the sealing performance is not good, no matter how high filtration efficiency, the final effect is still protective It will be greatly reduced. Therefore, the "standard" is no longer the filtration efficiency as the main index masks, and the choice of the final results better reflect the protective effect. After wearing masks PM2.5 concentration inhaled can be reduced to 75 micrograms per cubic meter or less, so that after filtration of inhaled air quality good level and above, is qualified. In addition, the "norm" for further formaldehyde, PH value, microorganisms and other safety indicators explicit request, taking into account the safety of the wearer when walking, but also provides lower visual field mask should not be less than 60 degrees to avoid the masks designed arch high impact wearer's line of sight.

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