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Bank of China confirmed: Qatar and other eight countries have been on the blacklist, the Bank of Chi

  • Author:www.china-disposable.com
  • Source:Orient Honest
  • Release on :2017-07-17
At present, the scope of thorough investigation of foreign remittances is constantly expanding. According to the official confirmation of the Bank of China, in addition to Qatar and other eight blacklist areas, Turkey and other countries are also within the scope of strict control. Not only the Bank of China, since July 1 the history of the most stringent anti-money laundering bill after the implementation of other banks also began to carry out thorough investigation of foreign remittances.

In this to remind the majority of foreign trade, freight forwarding friends, try not to let overseas buyers through these sensitive areas of bank payment! Please consult the bank staff beforehand!As one the China surgical mask manufacturers,China surgical gown manufacturer and China medical mask suppliers, we should all be pay the highest attention to this issue.

It is understood that some areas not in the list have also been affected, such as Turkey.

In this regard, the Bank of China staff said that although Turkey is not within the scope of the blacklist, but also for the surrounding areas of the Middle East, the same thorough investigation. Not only that, it is understood that the investigation is mainly due to the impact of international sanctions on the Bank of China other than the banks have also begun to carry out thorough investigation of foreign remittances.