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US courts have been granted temporary protection to Hanjin

Dreamy F www.china-disposable.com 2016-09-07 18:47:22
According to Reuters news, the US courts have been granted temporary protection Hanjin, Hanjin means that currently the United States temporarily, berthing without fear of creditors to take action against the ship.

Prior to some media reports, devoted to the Intergovernmental Working Group Hanjin crisis, he said South Korea will guide Hanjin Shipping the goods unloaded in a safe harbor, including the German port of Hamburg, Singapore and the United States (Los Angeles) will be used as base port Hanjin . Ships in Northeast Asia will be instructed to go to Busan Port and Gwangyang Port conduct operations.

Now it seems that the current Hanjin has completed an important step of them. After we believe Hanjin will have "public relations" Singapore and Hamburg. Next, you may want to file for bankruptcy protection in 43 countries.

Before lawyers said that because Singapore is not "of the United Nations Commission on International Trade Law Model Law on Cross-Border Insolvency," signed, the court will not ignore any court ruling in South Korea, according to buckle the buckle, but according to the current form, and it seems Hanjin "confidence" of the state, as the world's shipping center in Singapore in order to further enhance their position is likely to Hanjin will give some support, because before after Hanjin application for protection to the United States, media reports, authorities in Hamburg and Singapore this is very supportive.

Hope this Hanjin bankrupt issue could be solved as soon as possible. Both the shipper and consignee could reduce some loss. Our company is China surgical gown manufacturer,China medical mask suppliers and China disposable clothing manufacturers.