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Part of the Hanjin ships has emerged food, fresh water shortage

Dreamy F www.china-disposable.com 2016-09-08 18:11:53
The world's seventh largest container shippers - Hanjin Shipping obtained a US judge on Tuesday issued under bankruptcy protection, so that the company's vessels to dock at US ports without having to worry about creditors as in other countries, as they tried to action boats. US Bankruptcy Judge John Sherwood approved Hanjin request. The company wants its scope bankruptcy protection after the court had taken over Korea was able to expand to the United States. This prevents the United States to take action against a creditor of the company's vessels and other assets.

Also, according to Bloomberg news, Hanjin Shipping is also currently 43 countries to court for a prohibition order seizure (Stay Order), to prevent the ship being seized, the South Korean government has decided to request the relevant countries promptly procedures.

However, things do want treatment takes time, but now the situation has become a more and more urgent. For example, some of perishable goods on board the shelf life of the issue, for example, and then ship the oil problem, then, for example, the most important point, seafarers food and fresh water!

Hanjin's bankrupt issue has caused a lot of troubles for both shippers and consignees. We are expecting this issue could been solved as soon as possible. We are China surgical mask manufacturers, China disposable clothing manufacturers and disposable lab coats suppliers in China.