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The two European ports are experiencing persistent congestion! Please pay close attention when shipp

Orient Honest www.china-disposable.com 2017-07-06 17:51:32
Europe's two major ports in Antwerp and Rotterdam are experiencing persistent congestion, barge services are seriously delayed, waiting for up to 96 hours!

As one of the largest ports in Belgium and even Europe, the port of Antwerp has been a great deal of throughput, a large number of vessels need to be docked, the container needs to be loaded and unloaded.

And due to the April 1 from the new alliance reorganization caused by the chaos of the route, seriously affecting the daily operations of Antwerp and barges and other services. Worse still, Europe has now entered the "holiday model", a large number of dock workers have been on vacation, leading to workers shortage, dock efficiency further decline.

According to the latest news, the current port of Antwerp barge services, the average to wait for more than 96 hours! In addition, the dock of other operating efficiency also declined, leading to port congestion.

At the same time, in the Netherlands, Rotterdam, dock congestion, barge service waiting for a long time, the same situation.

It is reported that some of the current Rotterdam dock barge services are facing 36 to 96 hours of delay.

Since Maersk Line has a related container terminal in Rotterdam, the operating efficiency of these terminals has also fallen sharply since the company was attacked by hackers last week. At present, only 50% of the design capacity is used.

Most of our European customers inport the products from these two ports.The congestion in Port Antwerp and Rotterdam continues, and in order to avoid unnecessary losses as much as possible, please also keep an eye on the latest developments in the port. Wuhan Orient Honest is China surgical mask manufacturers,China surgical gown manufacturer and China medical mask suppliers.