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The improvement of China and UK trading cooperation

Dreamy F www.china-disposable.com 2016-06-10 02:25:44
The current China-UK enterprise in play "one belt one road" along the construction project cooperation unprecedented synergies, Britain's leading enterprises to actively offer services and innovative solutions for the project along. Enterprise promising future of bilateral cooperation in the "one belt one road" framework, has great potential.Vice president of China Britain Business Council said, on "one belt one road" construction, Chinese enterprises have accumulated rich experience in the construction of roads, railways, airports and power generation facilities and other modern infrastructure network, and has a Silk Road Fund and Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank and other new funds to support financial institutions. At present, the cooperation between China and Britain showed that business by establishing strong partnerships, businesses from both countries can play their own unique advantages.

At present, China and Britain in "one belt one road" framework of the diverse forms of cooperation, including joint projects between enterprises in third markets of infrastructure, energy, logistics and other areas; Chinese companies use British talent, manufacturing and technology platform to provide services to third-country markets projects; UK companies to provide professional advice and services to help Chinese companies operating in unfamiliar and risky business environment.Britain has a natural advantage in providing specialized support "one belt one road" building. UK offshore renminbi, infrastructure financing, project management, engineering and legal fields has obvious advantages. British companies are willing to actively participate in and help "one belt one road" construction continues to advance.

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