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Hubei province: seize the opportunity to promote international capacity cooperation

Dreamy F www.china-disposable.com 2016-06-10 02:39:18
Currently, under the Speed up "one belt one road" construction, China is by jointly build and share ways to accelerate the build up "one belt one road" countries along the circle of friends, the international production cooperation further expand the scope, and national development plans the depth of integration, for China to realize upgrading and restructuring industry, to create a new growth point, providing a broader world.Nowadays, central China strategic opportunities gathered in the central region are exerting themselves communicating north-south road intersection and foreign perspective development advantages, and actively participate "one belt one road" construction, China has become the new frontier opening.

In support of the National Development and Reform Commission and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, June 5, China Central Japan International Cooperation Forum and the production capacity of enterprises docking Fair grand opening, 21 "one belt one road" country sent 59 dignitaries to attend. It is active as Hubei, and actively seek to participate in a major national foreign activities of the overall design, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, "2016 international capacity Cooperation points" only co-sponsored by the Department of Provincial project, also in Hubei Province to seize "one belt one road "a vivid portrayal of strategic opportunities. Implement the national strategy of opening up large, Hubei seize "one belt one road" opportunity, Hubei Silk Road economic belt platform, the Yangtze River region and the Volga Federal District,a new cooperation platform to build another platform.

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