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Attention to the trading business in South America

Dreamy F www.china-disposable.com 2016-06-08 17:04:54
News from Band of Global Trade says that,the government of Mexico against China's china to launch anti-dumping tax by suddenly passed through the anti-dumping case last week. This started at once without setting any buffer stage. Recently, Mexico has reached the anti-dumping agreement against pottery of China many times, but they never launched it strictly. From June 1 on, Mexico will check Chinese importing and exporting goods strictly. Once the anti-dumping goods are found, the tariff will increase 10%.

Mexico government is making anti-dumping survey of 12 kinds of goods made in China, which are aluminum cookware, bikes, crockery, hot rolled steel strip, and cold rolled steel strip, and steel nail, steel connecting piece. Mexico customs demand 22 types of goods made in China to pay the punishing tariff for anti-dumping. And those goods consist of steel wire, steel link chain, steel nail, steel connecting piece, stainless steel sink, seamless steel tube 2-4, seamless steel tube 5-16, steel handle, lifting jack, pencil, galvanized sheet, dishware, mushroom, and bedspread.The scale of our country’s products being taxed is the highest.

Moreover,because of the turbulence of political situation in Venezuela, the entry restriction of goods is stricter and deadly impact the time of delivery and the phenomenon of delivering goods with B/L rises. As for these, the owners of vessels announced that the ship companies would be not responsible for the shipment which disobey the regulations and don't accept any kind of responsibilities. The owners of those goods which have shipped to Mexico has demanded to change the port that transiting to the South America before going to Mexico.

This news is a kind of caution for all the international trading company in China. Hope the customers in south America could cooperate with us and make sure all the orders could proceed on successfully. Our company is one of the most experienced disposable lab coats suppliers in China, China disposable gowns manufacturers and hospital bed sheets suppliers in China.