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The emergency highlight the wide application of nonwoven products

Dreamy F www.china-disposable.com 2016-05-06 23:56:05
The 2009 global pandemic outbreak, Chile earthquake, Yushu earthquake in China, the US Gulf of Mexico oil spill drilling, oil well explosion in Dalian, China, China Daxinganling forest fires ...... even though people do not want to see an accident disaster, but for these events fast rescue, without exception, to make a wide variety of industrial textiles get useless.Disposable medical masks, disposable gowns, outdoor tents, water purification filters, oil around the bar, fire blankets and a series of scientific and technological content of unusual textile products have been gradually recognized by everyone.

In fact, industrial textiles far more than these, there are wind turbine blades clean energy, aerospace composite materials, interior materials transportation, construction of geotechnical grille, leisure yacht base and so on.Thus, many developed countries are still shrinking in the traditional textile industry to develop textiles, proposed focusing on the development of industrial textiles at the revitalization of the traditional textile industry.The proportion of industrial textiles in China's textile industry is not high, as the new growth point of China's textile industry in the future, much room for improvement. Domestic and foreign markets have a strong demand for support, the industry has maintained a rapid growth industry.With innovation and enhance industrial textiles industry materials and equipment, application of industrial textiles continue to extend the market demand for more diverse.With huge market potential driven, industrial textiles industry is the future of textiles Star of Hope.

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