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New non-woven fabric's development

Dreamy F www.china-disposable.com 2016-05-06 23:38:36
Since the nonwoven fabric's characteristic like drape, elasticity, strength, elongation, opacity and pilling still has a gap with the requirements of the cotton fabric , and the lack of a certain artistic sense in appearance, durability and thus applied to the field of clothing has a considerable difficulty.However, non-woven fabric having a loose edge and not easy to slip, can be directly involved in the design side of the cloth, do not need to be ironing clothes stitched and seam characteristics, which is different from woven and knitted fabrics.Because the non-woven garment sewing optimistic about the advantages of simple process, many researchers and businesses the courage to face the risk of product development.The focus of research in recent years focused on how to improve the nonwoven fabric drape, abrasion resistance, flexibility and ability to respond to elastic properties, making it suitable for the durability of the fabric requirements.

Spunlace non-woven fabric has a soft, bulky, highly hygroscopic fiber material widely used and other characteristics, is a non-woven fabric most suitable for clothing, so most of its application in the durable clothing.U.S. Patent reported a durable spunlace nonwoven fabric with good abrasion resistance and drape, easy to play ball, color fastness is good, when the cross machine direction elongation of 50%, the recovery rate can reach 90 %, and after at least 25 washes.This kind of nonwoven fabric has good elasticity, shirts and outerwear suitable for the production of daily wear, both personal comfort, good mechanical strength and aesthetics in one, is the ideal clothing and garment materials.

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