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Non-durable non-woven fabric usage in clothing

  • Author:Dreamy F
  • Source:www.china-disposable.com
  • Release on :2016-05-05
Non woven fabric used in the non-durable garments application has been very popular, such as spunlace medical protective clothing, PP spunbond disposable protective clothing and SMS medical protective clothing.SMS nonwoven fabric is spunbond and meltblown composite products, with high strength, good filtration performance, adhesive-free, non-toxic and other advantages, has been in the field of medical and industrial filter materials play an important role.Recent application is the use of SMS breathable, no fiber dust and prevent the body with the outside world is characterized by the exchange of particles, which is used in the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, optoelectronics processing, electrical components and chips require a high degree of clean production environment.Continuous filament spunbond nonwoven fabric is made of high-strength construction, disposable protective clothing market account for a large proportion of the latest developments after adding special additives or spunbond non-woven production process in order to make products with flame retardant, antistatic, radiation protection, hydrophobic wicking, anti-bacterial, thermal and other functions.

In the development of new fiber, water-soluble non-woven fabric is an environmentally friendly product, is gradually expanding its scope of application.Water-soluble polyvinyl alcohol fiber spunlace nonwoven production is the production of radiation, pollution of good clothing material.In order to increase the protective effect, but also with water soluble film composite, increasing the barrier properties of protective clothing.In addition, the use of new fibers, the foreign has also developed added superabsorbent fiber nonwoven fabric production process (SAF) technology.This non-woven fabric containing SAF are particularly good absorbency and soft touch, used underwear to wear the body can rapidly absorb sweat, increased between clothing and human microenvironment comfort.

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