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SWIFT Global Payment Innovation Project put into operation

  • Author:Orient Honest
  • Source:www.china-disposable.com
  • Release on :2017-02-21
Now, we all want to click the mouse will be able to get everything, but the corporate treasury in charge of international remittance business, but do not know how long to spend, how much money in order to ensure the safety of funds credited into account. In order to solve this problem, the new inter-bank cross-border payment project SWIFT⁃gpi (GlobalPaymentsInnovation, referred to as SWIFTgpi) came into being.

On 16 February, the Inter-bank International Cooperation Organization SWIFT (Global Banking Association) held a global payment innovation project (gpi) conference in Beijing. Gpi project initiated by the SWIFT organization, the participation of large banks around the world, through the establishment of inter-bank SWIFTgpi business circle, follow the common design of the business rules, to achieve the same day the funds arrived, charges transparent, remittance status can be tracked, the complete delivery of information, International payment experience.

Currently, nearly 100 global trading banks from 224 countries and regions have joined SWIFTgpi. Bank of the Netherlands, Bank of China, Spain BBVA Bank, Citibank, Danish Bank, DBS Bank, Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, ING Bank, Italy Union Sao Paulo Bank, Scandinavian Bank, Standard Chartered Bank and Italian Yuxin Bank have put into operation gpi project in 60 countries Channel to carry out gpi payment business. More banks will follow up in the next few months.

This project might be a great way for international trading business.Seems more quick and convenient.We are looking forward to this project.Our company is China disposable clothing manufacturer,China surgical gown manufacturer and China medical mask supplier.