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Morgan Stanley reports optimistic about China's economic outlook

Orient Honest www.china-disposable.com 2017-02-22 18:00:31
On February 14, Morgan Stanley, the international financial services firm, released the latest report on China's long-term economic outlook, "Why are we bullish China?" The report highly evaluates China's economic transformation and forecasts: First, China's systemic financial risk is less likely, and second, China will enter the ranks of high-income countries after 10 years, and the Chinese stock market will continue Maintain excellent performance.

Previously, some international investors have expressed concerns about China's economic trends, such as increased debt levels, potential risks of international trade friction. But Morgan Stanley analysts in this report gave a detailed analysis of the reasons for China's economic outlook: First, China's consumption pattern is changing, consumption has become the main force to lead the economic growth, China has become the world's largest Consumer market; Second, the service industry will be the fastest growing areas; third is China's high value-added manufacturing power forward; Fourth, enterprises continue to upgrade to upgrade quality and efficiency; Fifth, excess capacity problems are gradually resolved.

These factors will play an important role in China's economic restructuring in the next 10 years. It is expected to achieve a national income of US $ 12,900 per capita in 2027, avoiding the middle-income trap and entering the ranks of high-income countries (US $ 12,500). The report said that for the population of large countries, it is not easy to cross the middle income trap, in the past 30 years in this successful 19 economies, only South Korea, Poland, the population size of more than 20 million.