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Non woven fabric's new application in clothing field

Dreamy F www.china-disposable.com 2016-05-11 20:06:01
According to the durability of the garment, the clothing could classify into durability and non-durable (disposable) categories. Currently, non-woven fabrics in the clothing applications mainly in the field of non-durable clothing, clothing for durability applications are rarely reported.In the non-durable non-woven garments application has been very popular, such as spunlace medical protective clothing, PP spunbond disposable protective clothing and SMS medical protective clothing. At present, the development of new products in this area include two aspects: First, the expansion of existing materials in new applications in the field of clothing; the second is the development of new non-woven fabric.

SMS nonwoven spunbond and meltblown composite products, with high strength, good filtration performance, adhesive-free, non-toxic and other advantages, has been in the field of medical and industrial filter materials play an important role, recent applications use SMS breathable, no fiber dust and prevent the body with the outside world is characterized by the exchange of particles, which is used in the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, optoelectronics processing, electrical components and chips require a high degree of clean production environment. Continuous filament spunbond nonwoven fabric is made of high-strength construction, disposable protective clothing market account for a large proportion of the latest developments after adding special additives or spunbond non-woven production process in order to make products with flame retardant, antistatic, radiation protection, hydrophobic wicking, anti-bacterial, thermal and other functions.

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