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INDA plans to set up branches in India

Dreamy F www.china-disposable.com 2016-05-12 18:46:32
US-based non-woven fabric Industry Association (INDA), the official name is the International Association of Non-woven disposable products, it plans to set up branches in India.To achieve this purpose, INDA active cooperation with an Indian information supply mechanism, preparing to launch a non-woven fabric online forum.INDIA is a non-woven technical textiles and international trade organizations.The objective to set up a branch office in India is lobbying to build a professional organization, non-woven industry together to promote the introduction of the purpose of the online forum is to break through the traditional textile industry technology and market bottlenecks. Online forums can provide market knowledge, technology, and Indian companies non-woven products.According to the Vice-President of India INDAH Committee Seshadri Ramkumar said that the non-woven fabric / textile technology joint venture in India to move to the efforts by the lack of awareness of the needs of the market resistance.INDIA currently only set up a representative office in Bangalore, become government officials, academic institutions and agencies to promote the development of technical textiles liaison offices.

Although the technical textile project start-up capital is 5-7 times that of traditional project, but entrepreneurs may be at relatively low cost from China looking technology.China's nonwoven technology  has more than 20 years healthy development .

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