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May 20th is a day full of love

Dreamy F www.china-dispsoable.com 2016-05-20 23:48:49
Since people find out '520'homophonic sound like 'I love you' in Chinese, the day May 20th has become a special day for love. People could express their loves to the friends, families and lovers. Most marriage registration center will lift the marriage registration climax in this day.There are many couples choose to get together on the red carpet on the day of May 20th.Most Internet users believe that 520 Day is very practical. "Network confession does not require any cost, but also to bring the lover a surprise."

The network 520 day in recent years quickly became popular, especially by young Internet users of all ages. Many netizens said that this way of emotional expression more innovative simple and usually shy away from the opening words of love, Valentine's Day through the network at the moment of confession, easily expressed, but also enhance each other's feelings. Valentine's Day can make a network more "lover" express love through the network: users can privately to crush confession, confession can also be disclosed to obtain the blessings of friends.

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