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Latest news! The union decided to cancel the strike in the Jakarta port!

Orient Honest www.china-disposable.com 2017-05-16 17:31:48
According to Reuters latest report, the Indonesian local trade unions have decided to cancel the strike in the port of Jakarta to ensure the normal operation of the port, which was scheduled to begin on May 15.

It is reported that Jakarta International Container Terminal (JICT) is located in Indonesia's largest container port. Previously, it was jointly owned by the Indonesian National Port Group II (PT Pelabuhan II, 49%) and Hutchison Port Holdings (51%).

The contract will expire in 2019, Indonesia National Port Group II is ready to continue with the Hutchison Whampoa Port Group, the JICT port contract extended to 2039. But this practice, was a lot of dock workers against them, they think it will cause losses to the country and their own, but also directly led to the situation of the strike.

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