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The rate of return card check Latin American country certificate of origin raised

  • Author:Orient Honest
  • Source:www.china-disposable.com
  • Release on :2017-05-18
Recently, the Shenzhen Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine Bureau issued a notice in the official website, said the Latin American country certificate of origin to check back, to remind foreign trade enterprises to pay attention.

At present, there are three Latin American countries that have signed free trade agreements with China, namely, Chile, Peru, and Costa Rica.

According to statistics, in 2015 the country received only three copies from the three countries (from Peru), 2016 soared to 138, which involves China - Chile certificate of origin 113, China - Peru certificate of origin 12 , China - Costa Rica certificate of origin 13.

Chile and Costa Rica are the first to China's exports of goods certificate of origin verification requirements.

The reasons for the above three countries to answer the question of the origin of the question, the invoice information questioned, the authenticity of the certificate questioned and other aspects, both on China's visa agencies to deal with a higher demand, but also led to the export enterprises are blocked cargo, Increase the cost of customs clearance, it is difficult to enjoy preferential tariffs and other issues.

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