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Iran become the Chinese company's 'along the way' key docking state

Dreamy F www.china-disposable.com 2016-04-11 09:59:12
Since the "along the way" China - Iran development of international cooperation seminar held in Haikou on december last year, China and Iran are speed up the pace of cooperation. To further promote the Sino-Iranian economic and trade cooperation and accelerate the pace of development of Chinese enterprises to invest in Iran, the CASS Randy enterprise groups will visit Iran in 24 May 2016, Iranian investments to gain insight into the background, to explore investment opportunities.

Zhao pointed out that in recent years, China and Iran friendly and cooperative relations is stable in the political, economic and trade development. Iran complete industrial system and a good social environment. The government leaders have a strong sense of economic development. To ensure the success of this visit to Iran, she suggested, group visits in advance of the situation in Iran in-depth investigation, with full respect for Iran's religious practices and cultural backgrounds. The visit, to establish friendly relations with the Iranian Ministry of Communications, Ministry of Agriculture, petrochemical and other government departments, in-depth understanding of Iran's policy in investment, financing, land, taxation, and other aspects of high technology, and outstanding domestic enterprises with Iran effectively docking and create more business opportunities.

Iran market has a great need in nonwoven products, and as a professional china medical mask suppliers and china diaposable clothing manufacturers, we have some great Iran customers. We are looking forward to see China and Iran work together to solve the trade barrier. Hope the business between our two countries will have more convinient ways.