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CCPIT participation "along the way"

Dreamy F www.china-disposable.com 2016-04-11 10:21:02
In order to implement the national "along the way" the construction of major strategic plan, CCPIT China recently issued "CCPIT participation" along the way "construction trade and investment promotion program," will require departments within agencies, directly under the units, overseas representative offices in accordance with program requirements , earnestly perform their duties to do implementation.

"Program" that should give full play to the national trade promotion system resources, for "along the way" along the country to service enterprises, encourage enterprises to participate in implementation of the strategy as a starting point in promoting international production cooperation, construction of overseas economic and trade cooperation zones and territory Industrial Park and to build a comprehensive service system to focus on a comprehensive plan to promote trade and investment promotion, and actively promote "along the way" construction.

As a professional Chinese manufacturer and export company. We think "along the way" is a very advisable program. We'll follow the national policy and CCPIT's new program, and try to become one of the best china medical mask manufacturers and china disposable clothing suppliers.